Multiple use of disposable insulin syringe-needle units

R. H. Hodge Jr, L. Krongaard, M. A. Sande and D. L. Kaiser

Fourteen insulin-dependent diabetics were asked to use their insulin syringe-needle units three times in succession to determine the efficacy and safety of this practice. The mean duration of time each patient participated in the study was 20.4 weeks, and a total of 2,000 injections were taken. No signs of infections at the injection site were observed. Multiple use of disposable insulin syringe-needle units appears to be safe and cost beneficial.

Safety of reusing disposable plastic insulin syringes.

Collins BJ, Richardson SG, Spence BK, Hunter J, Nelson JK.

53 diabetic patients took part in a study to assess the safety of reusing plastic disposable syringes for insulin injection. Each patient used the same plastic syringe for 7 days. The syringe needles were changed when blunt. No patient developed signs of infection at the injection site. Bacteriological assessment of the used syringes and needles showed no contamination in any of the syringes, although one needle was contaminated. The effectiveness of bacteriostatic additives to insulin preparations was demonstrated. The presence of these additives renders safe the practice of a diabetic patient reusing a plastic disposable syringe over a 7-day period.